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Another twist to the "Internet Of Things"

Our team takes full care on the whole process of data retrieval and ingestion. We install sensors and integrate with your client's process, we retrieve, digest and store all data, and finally we provide you an API to fetch all the information in the way you decide so you only care about your business.

Try it now

While we do the installation you can integrate your software with our systems. We provide you with Open Source tools that emulate our real systems for you to try them or even code solutions.

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What we do, how we work, step by step*

*Keep in mind that you can integrate your software anytime during this process.
  1. Your client or your company needs to retrieve data from a process, signal or sensor.
  2. You need to integrate this data with an existing software or develop your own solution.
  3. After you've contacted us we schedule a meeting to study your case.
  4. We give you a priced quotation for the installation and forecasted monthly cost.
  5. After accepting the quotation we schedule the installation process.
  6. When the installation finishes we give you the access key for the API.
  7. Now you can retrieve real data from your devices.

All the way with you

We know that software development is quite complicated, managing IoT devices might be hard as well. So we better work together to overcome this challenge so you only have to care about development.

Managing IoT requires hardware, electronics, networks and other skills related with industrial installations. Thats why only big companies are able to face the digital challenge. We want everyone to have a chance in the ongoing revolution.

A product for developers

Unlike other companies, we offer a product compatible with modern environments and tools. Our API is hosted in the best data centers that ensures high availability.

We digitalize your business

Our system is compatible with any kind of sensor or signal whether is related to manufacturing, transport, meteorology, health, security. Take a look on our recent projects for samples.

Stop loosing time

Unlike other solutions, by using our systems you can start integrate your solution right now using free tools that we provide. Start coding without waiting. Our API is transparent, easy to use and free.

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