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Our projects

Plastic manufacturing

In collaboration with an external outsourcing company

Description: Plastic facility with 64 workers and 12 production lines. Unit count, stoppage and auto signals are collected.

Our partner was responsible for implementing the program interfaces by using our services to retrieve production data. This program included reports, tickets, charts, and production linked incentives.

Air quality

Full development.

Description: Installation of sensors to detect atmosphere particles nearby an industrial facility.<br/><br/>Application development that elaborates monthly reports, also makes automatically issues warnings when pollution reaches critical level.

Long haul monitoring

Own development

Description: Development of an autonomous device able to monitor temperature of a reefer container, also track door opening. This device stores data and releases it when mobile networks are available. Insurance company will eventually receive all data.

Handling and packaging of horticultural products

In collaboration with an external outsourcing company

Description: Horticultural processing center with 34 workers and 6 production lines. Installation of sensors and production monitoring to elaborate production incentives, issue handling and reports.

Our partner was responsible of the development of the platform used by the client using our APIs to integrate with the sensors and signals.